Guilford Technical Community College

Guilford Technical Community College, commonly known as the GTCC, was established in 1958 and today it is a two-year community college. Located in the Guilford County of North Carolina, this esteemed college forms a part of the North Carolina Community College System.

The college has filled in all the necessary categories of an accredited college and is well known for its career-oriented programs and courses that fall in the one-year and two-year category. More than 500 students enroll in this college every year to benefit from these courses, as well as to join in their personal enrichment programs, adult literacy programs and special training programs for business and industrial professionals.

Guilford Technical Community College moulds its students in such a way that they become mature and responsible adults and fare well in the job market. What makes this college different from all other universities in its realm is the constant persistence to produce many opportunities for working people and to help them increase productivity, even personal growth and participate in social services. The college has got numerous clubs and activities that promote cultural and community activities and the students are active members of Advertising Club, Cosmetic Art Club, International Student Association and Alpha Eta Rho.

The college when it opened had only 50 students and from there it grew enormously and began to accommodate hundreds of students every year. The school was granted the liberty to grant Associate degrees in 1965, the same year the college came to be known as Guilford Technical Institute.

The major success of the school lies in its ability to provide good quality education at affordable rates. They had a small number of students in each class and the faculty is highly trained and qualified. The Guilford Technical Community College helps provide placement to all its deserving students. The campus has attracted many students because of its great location and easy accessibility by road. The convenient class times and huge variety of student activities have prompted many youngsters to join this college and initiate a successful future for themselves.

Guilford Technical Community College attaches great importance to furthering the education of their students and has programmed their academic courses based on that. They admit students based on previous educational qualifications and students can choose from the following programs to complete their undergrad, graduation or masters.

Arts & Sciences
Construction Technologies
Biological Technologies
Commercial Artistic Production Technologies
Public Service Technologies
Industrial Technologies
Business Technologies
Engineering Technologies
Transportation Systems Technologies
Health Sciences
Developmental Education

Some of the most popular fields of study in Guilford Technical Community College are:

Liberal Arts and Sciences
Medical Office Management /Administration
Early Childhood Education and Teaching
Commercial and Advertising Art
Legal Assistant/Paralegal and
Liberal Studies

Once the choice is made, gaining admission is quite easy. The prospective student has to submit the admission form filled with honest and accurate information. A student seeking admission there has to send a receipt of the details of the last university or school attended and seek an appointment with the academic or admission counselor to know about the other formalities regarding the admission procedure. Some courses require the passing of an additional test for enrollment.

The students can talk it out with the counselor if they need financial aid. They will have to fill in a form called the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid as soon as possible to help them get the aid. The college is located in the close-knit town of Jamestown and the locals strive to protect the heritage and local culture. There are beautiful churches and antique shops in the town, which exhibit the local culture prominent there.

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